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Rotary Fletcher capstan table

Surely you have seen on social networks some animated image of a table that begins to rotate and opens, forming a star in the center and that ends up being much larger than at the beginning. Well if you are curious you will like to know that it is a Fletcher Capstan Table and that…

Gear template generator

This is a collection of resources for working with gears. As I find them I am adding more. Gears are a fundamental element in engineering and in our inventions. If we want to transmit movement, it is very easy that we have to use gears. We might buy them or we might want to make…

Best slingshots

There are many ways to make slingshots and someday I will talk about how to make homemade slings. When I talk about professional slingshots I mean slings for hunting and/or competition. When I talk about professional slings I mean slings that are used in shooting competitions or for hunting because of their great precision and…

Ikkaro is a personal website. Here the way it work. Follow me in @ikkaronet

Science Experiments

This is one of the main pourpouses of the web. Ikkaro was born thinking in home made, diy, science experiments and invents. Is one of the main themes of the web


Open Hardware

Arduino, raspberry, IoT, and their world.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, how to learn it and use it

Machines, Mechanisms and engines

Engineering. I love engines., specially little hot air engines, like Stirling engines and also the electric ones.

Who I am

My name is Nacho Morató I’m an spanish engineer. You can know more about me in my profile.