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Build Rosetta and Philae with your children

If you want to spend a weekend teaching your child more about space, astronomy, science and aeronautics, I let you a collection of resources that ESA (European Space Agency) has hung for teachers and children. You can take advantage of the fact that the subject is not very old to introduce to your child. That…

Wooden outdoor games

I met twice this year with classic wooden outdoor games and activities for children during events at village parties. They are games made of wood, very basic and simple things that they love. Some to play alone and others to do it in pairs or as a team. I want to ride some for summer…

SIM card sizes. How to cut a SIM card

Wikimedia This is a modification I made a long time ago, when I bought my old Nexus 4 and I needed to cut the SIM card. It may seem outdated because most new cards come precut but the truth is that many of us still have old cards and we can save a few dollars…

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Science Experiments

This is one of the main pourpouses of the web. Ikkaro was born thinking in home made, diy, science experiments and invents. Is one of the main themes of the web


Open Hardware

Arduino, raspberry, IoT, and their world.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, how to learn it and use it

Machines, Mechanisms and engines

Engineering. I love engines., specially little hot air engines, like Stirling engines and also the electric ones.

Who I am

My name is Nacho Morató I’m an spanish engineer. You can know more about me in my profile.