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How to digitize books

We are going to see how to digitize books at home with a camera. It is faster and easy. You only need a digital camera or a smartphone. Digitizing a book is formed by two parts. The first one consists of get images of the text book and in the second part you have to…

How to see saved passwords

Surely you have forgotten a password but your browser remembers it. It is a saved password an you can see it an recovery your pass. Even if it is hidden with a few points or asterisks and in the end you end up changing it. Well there are several methods to see this password, I…

GIMP batch processing

I use Gimp as my photography and images editor. I don’t open Photoshop for more than two years. I begin to use it My main use nowadays is to edit in bulk the blog articles images. I resize it, add the watermark and reduce the image weight in seconds I handle them all at the…

Ikkaro is a personal website. Here the way it work.

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The web is divided into different sections or thematic areas.

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Science Experiments

This is one of the main pourpouses of the web. Ikkaro was born thinking in home made, diy, science experiments and invents. Is one of the main themes of the web

Open Hardware

Arduino, raspberry, IoT, and their world.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, how to learn it and use it

Machines, Mechanisms and engines

Engineering. I love engines., specially little hot air engines, like Stirling engines and also the electric ones.

Who I am

My name is Nacho Morató I’m an spanish engineer. You can know more about me in my profile.