DIY, hacks, experiments, machine learning, IoT and more

Recovering an old Linux computer

I continue with the repairs of PC and devices although this cannot be considered in itself a repair. But it is something that they ask me more and more. Install some operating system that makes them work on computers with old hardware. And although I tell you a little about the decisions I have made…

DIY projects to recycle a CD/DVD reader

Today it is common to have old CD or DVD players at home that we no longer use and are a great source of hardware for our DIY projects. I will disassemble a CD player to see the pieces that we can take advantage of and leave a list of very interesting (Instructable) projects that…

How to install APK on Android

I take advantage of the round to fix mobiles that I am doing to explain and document many actions that friends and family usually ask me. In this case I explain how to install APK applications on Android. I go straight to the point, if you want to know what an APK is and when…

Ikkaro is a personal website. Here the way it work. Follow me in @ikkaronet

Science Experiments

This is one of the main pourpouses of the web. Ikkaro was born thinking in home made, diy, science experiments and invents. Is one of the main themes of the web


Open Hardware

Arduino, raspberry, IoT, and their world.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, how to learn it and use it

Machines, Mechanisms and engines

Engineering. I love engines., specially little hot air engines, like Stirling engines and also the electric ones.

Who I am

My name is Nacho Morató I’m an spanish engineer. You can know more about me in my profile.