Aireless Tires wheels

Non-pneumatic heavy machinery Tweel wheels

This is one of those topics that I like even if it is not a DIY. It is not topical, since it has been talking about this type of airless wheels or non-pneumatic wheels for a few years, I think since 2002 approximately.

If you have never seen a wheel of this style it will impact you especially when you watch some videos and discover what they are capable of withstanding. I leave one for you to enter into matter. It’s from Michelin Tweel wheels.

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How to start a beehive into a glass jar

ho to build a beehive

We have already seen how to make a DIY beehive and now I leave a modification or extension that we can make to a hive as a curiosity. The idea is to get a honeycomb in a jar or glass bell.

It is a very interesting science activity to show children. Although I have seen this product for sale, here I present it in a didactic way as a way to teach children and adults the ins and outs of hives.

How to make

I collect this information because the original page where it was published and that it linked no longer has the article.

The technique is very simple although we need to have a hive, of course.

Place a bell, with strips of the hive so that the bees begin their work.

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How to fix AVRDUDE: ser_open(): can’t open device en Arduino

avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "/dev/ttyACM0": Permission denied

In this article I will explain how to solve a common error in Arduino:


After a long time without using Arduino I have taken my two boards (original one and the Elegoo) to do some activities with my daughter. I connect them, I’m going to put the blink to see that everything is fine and when I’m going to send it to the board it returns me the well-known error.

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How to make homemade baby wipes

How to make homemade baby wipes

If you are a father, you will use wet baby wipes and it is one of those things that from the tests you know that you will continue to use them forever.

I bring a tutorial on how to make wet wipes, which we can use either with our baby or for domestic use. A great and really homemade DIY.

The wipes we have obtained are very cheap, although it will be difficult to replace the commercial ones with these. Yes, it is true that if you have run out and the stores are closed or you have gone on a trip or your baby has some type of intolerance to chemicals that carry the commercial wipes, then this tutorial may come in handy.

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How to fix a cassette tape

Cassettes or music tapes, an obsolete technology

I found my old cassette tapes, many with music and many others with stories and children’s songs. I wanted to put a few tapes my daughters to see if you like. I am very sorry to throw them away.

But many are broken, they have the tape broken. So I will explain how they were arranged, as a tribute, because I do not think there are many people interested in fixing them. But if they ever fall into your hands and you want to be able to hear it, the post may be useful.

Look. The magnetic tape is missing, because when trying to reproduce it has broken and stayed inside, or was already broken and I have not noticed when I put it.

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