How to see saved passwords

ho to see saved passwords on chrome, Firefox and differents browsers

Surely you have forgotten a password but your browser remembers it. It is a saved password an you can see it an recovery your pass. Even if it is hidden with a few points or asterisks and in the end you end up changing it. Well there are several methods to see this password, I know two, go to our browser preferences to see where you save the password and the second is the method that we will teach very very simple and more powerful because it allows us to see passwords saved in fields , that is, although we have not saved them and of course, it is not in our browser we can see them.

This is very useful if, for example, you work in a team and someone put in a form, such as in WordPress an API, this way you can quickly retrieve it to reuse it in another site.

It is useful too for recover passwords from Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, and all webs you sign in your browser.

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