How to make homemade baby wipes

How to make homemade baby wipes

If you are a father, you will use wet baby wipes and it is one of those things that from the tests you know that you will continue to use them forever.

I bring a tutorial on how to make wet wipes, which we can use either with our baby or for domestic use. A great and really homemade DIY.

The wipes we have obtained are very cheap, although it will be difficult to replace the commercial ones with these. Yes, it is true that if you have run out and the stores are closed or you have gone on a trip or your baby has some type of intolerance to chemicals that carry the commercial wipes, then this tutorial may come in handy.

How to make baby wipes, recipe

It is extremely simple, we just need a roll of paper towels, water, and what we want to add to the mixture, in this case, I have put soap for atopic skin, a little baby cologne and body milk, which contains oil. And the result has been great.

We take the roll of kitchen paper and cut it to the desired size (cut with a serrated knife)

We cut the kitchen paper napkins to make wipes

Let’s create the mix. I have used half a liter of very hot water, 4 tablespoons of soap, 2 of body milk and 6 of cologne.

Lotion for wipes with soap, body milk and cologne

Everyone can use whatever they want, but ideally, use water-soluble products. Otherwie if you use some type of oil you will not be able to create a homogeneous mixture.

We mix well and we throw it on the roll of paper towel. When you throw it over, it may happen to you like me and they are a bit ugly. Then you will see it. To maintain the cylindrical shape of the roll it may be better to throw it in the container and the paper absorbs it

mixing to get homemade wipes

Ready! Just leave it a few minutes soak it well.

Wet wipes for home use

Remember to remove the cardboard that will have taken off. I also remove the first layers of inner paper in case the tail has dissolved.

Finishing the DIY of the wipes

Once you have it, let it drain well. Here I was wrong. To speed up the process, I have pressed the roll and there has been no way to return it to its original state. FAIL! If you do not want to lose the form try to manipulate it as little as possible and do not squeeze it.

Fail Homemade wipes

Notice that the wipes are going to be removed from the inside of the roll, so they come out very well.

I saw this DIY on the Money Saver blog and the truth is that they have been more beautiful than me but the idea is that it goes inside a container, with or that will not be seen and we will only be removing wipes.

I have to say that they are going very well. They have good resistance, leave the skin soft and smell great. The result is much, much better than I expected. You get good quality and very cheap wipes, which after 3 days are still great.

If you have doubts you can use the comments 🙂

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