How to make sea glass

fake or man made sea glass

Well, many of you have ever found pieces of glass completely eroded by the sea on the beach. They are called Sea Glass, seaglass, beach glass or Mermaid Tears, and I left you a complete guide about Sea Glass.

In this article I am going to show you how to make a Sea Glass imitation at home. It is called Fake Sea Glass.

There are thousands of collectors of these sea glass and it is increasingly difficult to find them. People use industrial tumblers to produce and sell them.

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How to digitize books

How to digitize books with a camera at home and convert into ebooks at

We are going to see how to digitize books at home with a camera. It is faster and easy. You only need a digital camera or a smartphone.

Digitizing a book is formed by two parts. The first one consists of get images of the text book and in the second part you have to treat it with an OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Traditionally, books were scanned page by page, this is a very slow process that was complex because of the spines of the books, which curled the pages and then the OCR did not recognize the words well. So much that many people unbundled them in order to facilitate the scanning process.

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