How to make cheap nylon line replacement for Bosch brushcutters

make cheap homemade spare parts for bosch

This is not in itself a repair, but a little hack to save us money. Bosch spare parts are tremendously expensive and in this article I will show you how to use nylon line from other brands in Bosch electric brush cutters.

I have an electric brush cutter Bosch AFS23-37 1000 W of power. It’s going great. I am very happy for a non-intensive use like the one I need. It is an electric brush cutter, not a battery one, it has to be connected to electricity to work.

However, the brand’s official nylon spare parts are very expensive, rather very expensive and is manufactured so that you end up consuming its spare parts. In this case, the nylon thread comes with a kind of bolt in the center that prevents it from escaping.

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Recovering an old Linux computer

computer that comes to life thanks to a lightweight Linux distribution

I continue with the repairs of PC and devices although this cannot be considered in itself a repair. But it is something that they ask me more and more. Install some operating system that makes them work on computers with old hardware.

And although I tell you a little about the decisions I have made in this specific case, it can be extended much more. I will try to update and leave what I have done every time the case is presented.

Follow the series of articles on computer repair. Common things that anyone can fix in our house like when the computer turns on but you don’t see anything on the screen.

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How to install APK on Android

I take advantage of the round to fix mobiles that I am doing to explain and document many actions that friends and family usually ask me. In this case I explain how to install APK applications on Android.

I go straight to the point, if you want to know what an APK is and when you may need to install one, go to the end of the article.

In my case I will reinstall Play Store that works badly on a mobile that we will use without SIM for my father-in-law to play. I can not open it, or even factory reset and I find it much faster to install the application directly than to see what happens to the smartphone or flash it.

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SIM card sizes. How to cut a SIM card

SIM card Sizes. SIM, mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM

This is a modification I made a long time ago, when I bought my old Nexus 4 and I needed to cut the SIM card. It may seem outdated because most new cards come precut but the truth is that many of us still have old cards and we can save a few dollars and with this hack.

And we will also use the article to talk and explain the sizes of the SIM cards.

I receive my Nexus 4 from Google. I’m going to try it and I realize that it uses micro SIM 🙁

The logical solution is to go for a duplicate SIM card, but they charge $5 (yes, it was free before) So you have to find a homemade solution and this happens to cut the card at home to convert the mini SIM into Micro SIM.

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Computer turns on but no display

fixing problems wint black screen in our computer

This is what happened to me on my nine-year-old PC. The computer starts up but nothing is seen on the screen. I explain how to make the diagnosis of the error to find out what is failing, since it seems to be a common error.

The fault usually comes from one of these 3 sites:

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How to fix a cassette tape

Cassettes or music tapes, an obsolete technology

I found my old cassette tapes, many with music and many others with stories and children’s songs. I wanted to put a few tapes my daughters to see if you like. I am very sorry to throw them away.

But many are broken, they have the tape broken. So I will explain how they were arranged, as a tribute, because I do not think there are many people interested in fixing them. But if they ever fall into your hands and you want to be able to hear it, the post may be useful.

Look. The magnetic tape is missing, because when trying to reproduce it has broken and stayed inside, or was already broken and I have not noticed when I put it.

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How to unlock a phone with a broken screen

How to unlock a phone wita a broken screen using a OTG wire

In this article we will see how to unlock a phone with a broken screen, in order to access to its hard drive and transfer and recovery files, images and videos.

Some time ago my wife dropped the phone a BQ Aquaris E5 and the screen broke, it seemed nothing exaggerated, but the bottom does not work. We can see the screen and switch on it, but we can write the Unlock pattern and therefore it is unusable. As we want to recover photographies and videos I begin to deal with the problem.

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