How to make Galalith or plastic stone. A bioplastic from milk

This is an easy experiment, awesome for kids. Making it we will can explain our children what bioplastic are and introduce them into a chemistry world. Even in historical facts.

Galalith or Milkstone has an interesting history behind it. It was use to produce gemestone realistic imitations.

Other Galalith names: Milkstone, Erinoid (United Kingdom), aladdinite (USA), Casolith (Netherlands) and lactoloid (Japan).

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How to make fake snow

how to make fake snow

I’ve wanted to try snowmaking (to make fake snow)for a long time. This is a handcraft that will help us to decorate our nativity scene at Christmas or if we make a model with the little ones and we want to give it a touch of realism with snow. Or just to get your hands dirty and enjoy for a while.

I have tried 5 different methods to have artificial snow, I show them to you and compare them throughout the article. Internet is full of tutorials on how to make snow in diapers and I find it a disastrous activity and not suitable for children.

After a first frustrated attempt I liked the experience so little that I have looked for more method to make homemade artificial snow, in a much safer, spectacular way and that you can do easily with your children. Here you have it all.

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