Sea Pottery

Sea Pottery, what it is, types, collection and more information

By Sea Pottery we understand all those pieces of ceramic or tiles that, like the Sea Glass, are eroded by the sea, by lakes or rivers, although the most common is to find them on the beaches. If you don’t know what the Sea Glass see our guide.

Besides Sea Pottery they also call it Stoneware Sea Pottery. I do not know a name in Castilian, perhaps the translation is marine ceramics or sea ceramics, marine ceramics of grés. Any combination seems valid, but I think that in these cases it is better to continue using the English name.

It is not a very discussed topic and we hardly find information on the Internet. Yes, there are pieces available for purchase on sites like Etsy or eBay, but not many people show their collections or any attempt to classify or normalize them.

It surprises me when from these small pieces of pottery they are able to find the original object to which it belonged and use it as an archaeological tool to date and better understand the history of local production. They speak of special relevance in the fragments found in the great lakes. Here in Spain, and particularly in my area, very close to the world’s largest manufacturers of this type of material, I think that the identification of ancient objects would not be so simple.

Classification and types

In the Sea Glass Association they talk about classifying it according to the density and firing temperature of the clay in:

  • Crockery. Low firing temperature which results in a porous and less dense material.
  • Stoneware. Medium high cooking temperature. Non-porous, thin and compact material but does not have a vitreous appearance like porcelain
  • Porcelain. High cooking temperature. Very hard and vitreous, white in color.

By having drawings, different patterns and colors, very nice and interesting pieces are left with rounded edges and worn ceramic.

I have started a small collection because I believe that you can get very interesting pieces and a collection of great beauty.

I leave some photos of the pieces found so far

My collection

Complete Sea pottery collection

I’m lucky enough to live near the tile triangle and I don’t know if it makes a difference if I find “enough” pieces of Sea Pottery, without having gone to hot spots where I’m sure there will be more than usual.

They are not great pieces, nor have I taken the best photos (yet) but with time I am sure that something much better can be achieved. My goal with this collection is to obtain beautiful objects. One way to get closer to modern art. Nothing else.

The porcelain pieces are missing, the white ones that you see in the common image because they have been burned and nothing can be seen in the photo. I will prepare a small softbox to have good photos.

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