How to unlock a phone with a broken screen

How to unlock a phone wita a broken screen using a OTG wire

In this article we will see how to unlock a phone with a broken screen, in order to access to its hard drive and transfer and recovery files, images and videos.

Some time ago my wife dropped the phone a BQ Aquaris E5 and the screen broke, it seemed nothing exaggerated, but the bottom does not work. We can see the screen and switch on it, but we can write the Unlock pattern and therefore it is unusable. As we want to recover photographies and videos I begin to deal with the problem.

I have been looking for many options to recover photograpies. The first one we thought was to change de smartphone screen and the second ond one to use a softare that broke unlock patterns. finally, after much searching I tried OTG method. And is the best if your can use it with your device. Not all smartphones and tablets allow to connect and work with this technology.

I let you a video unlocking my wife’s phone with a mouse and an OTG female cable. (video has english subtitles)

There are different cases:

You see the screen.

I saw multiples choices and the easier one has been to buy an OTG cable (only $1,3)

OTG is the On The Go acronym, and is a USB 2.0 extension which allows to conect usb peripheral to our device. This way we are able to connect a mouse and navigate like in a PC.

Once you have a mouse connected with a OTG cable you draw your unlock pattern holding the left button pressed. This way you can browse with mouse open menus with left button and close it with the right one.

Is effortless and useful. And you can use OTG also with tablets and mobiles that are not damaged connecting keyboards, mouses or USB microscopes.

So you know. If you need to unlock a phone mobile with a broken screen check if work through OTG and use the mouse.

Now the other case.

Black screen, it does not work

This is a hard case. You do not see the screen it remains in black although you switch on the mobile. All the software I have found to solve this problem requires to have debugging USB mode activated and no one has it. A good option is to search another screen and change it

Software to access in a lock mobile phone

I am looking for a soft which allow to access to hard drive and extract information. If you know any method, software, article, tutorial or whatever you know, please leave a comment and I will go completing this article to help as many people as possible.

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