My name is Nacho Morató I studied at UPV university (Universitat Politècnica de València) what here was called Industrial Engineering. It was https://www.etsii.upv.es/

I love to learn many different things and interrelate all this knowledge. Engineering, engines, electricity, green energies, science experiments, IoT, Open Hardware, Software, AI, recycle, hack gadgets and objects, natures, plants, geology, meteorology, chemistry, Maths, machine Learning, etc, etc and I love combine all this knowledge to obtain THINGS.

Since I studied Coursera Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng. This course introduced me into the AI , deep learning, and Machine Learning world. And it increased my perspective and way of interrelating different themes.

In my Linkedin profile yo can know more about me.

Why this english edition

I want to improve my english and this is the best way to learn and practice it.

Therefore, if you find some grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, please, be patient with me. You can help me commenting and correcting what you want.