Waste bin or drainer for pod coffee maker capsules

homemade drainer for single-dose coffee capsules

I am going to teach you how to make a pod coffee maker waste bin that is extremely simple but very effective. It is so simple that I doubted whether to do a tutorial or not, because it is not a step by step, it is a single step. But I love these day-to-day solutions that anyone can do with everyday objects

But what is clear is that everyone who has a capsule coffee machine, in my case the Dolce Gusto, cannot throw the capsule in the trash for various reasons. Because we pollute and because it is emptying little by little and the garbage is dripping.

You will love our DIY dehumidifier

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DIY projects to recycle a CD/DVD reader

Today it is common to have old CD or DVD players at home that we no longer use and are a great source of hardware for our DIY projects.

Exploded view and useful parts of a DVD CD player

I will disassemble a CD player to see the pieces that we can take advantage of and leave a list of very interesting (Instructable) projects that can be done with each of the pieces. The links are projects in English, but little by little I will try to reproduce them and leave you all the documentation in Spanish.

This model is quite old. I think it still works, but since I have 6 or 7 more it has been sacrificed for the article 🙂

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