Jenga Rules

Jenga Rules (How to Play Jenga)

The jenga or yenka

Jenga It is played with 54 wooden blocks, the length of which is 3 times their width. The blocks are stacked forming a tower. Each floor has three blocks, and the top floor is placed perpendicular. Therefore at the end there are 18 floors. But this looks much better with an image.

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Wooden outdoor games

Large wooden maze that has to be moved between 2 people

I met twice this year with classic wooden outdoor games and activities for children during events at village parties. They are games made of wood, very basic and simple things that they love. Some to play alone and others to do it in pairs or as a team.

I want to ride some for summer so I can play with my daughters and my nephews, taking advantage of wood that we have that are being spoiled by having outdoors. This article is a compilation of those that I have been able to take pictures and those that I remember. There was one day that there were so many people that I couldn’t take pictures. In all games we can make many variations of both rules and variations in construction. The notes are as a reminder.

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