GIMP batch processing

BIMP (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin) for Gimp

I use Gimp as my photography and images editor. I don’t open Photoshop for more than two years. I begin to use it

My main use nowadays is to edit in bulk the blog articles images. I resize it, add the watermark and reduce the image weight in seconds I handle them all at the same time.

But it is useful for photographers, and all people who work with images and repetitive tasks and routines.

There are different ways to batch processing in GIMP. Here I see two of them using Gimp 2.10.12

  • BIMP plugin is essential, it allows us to resize images, add wattermarks, rotate, change extension, and much more things in batch, i.e. in an automatized way that save us a lot of processing and editing time.
  • DBP another Gimp plugin, that add extra features to our system.

After use them I think BIMP is more powerful than DBP.

Let’s go to see how it works and after that how to install it.

Gimp batch processing with BIMP

I let you an example of BIMP plugin in Gimp. Is a spanish video with english translation. You will see how to scale, add watermark an reduce weight in batch.

If you prefer images and traditional tutorial, here you are. Step by step with detailed screenshots

Open it from Archive>Batch Image Manipulation

Manipulación de imagenes en lotes o batch para gimp

We will see the plugin window with different regions and options, which we explain in the video. You can add different effects and manipulate images in many ways. You will see it from the Add button

Overmore BIMP allows yo save your own sets, this is essential

plugin bimp de manipulacin de imagenes en lotes para gimp

Here the Manipulation set. You can:

  • Resize,
  • crop,
  • flip or rotate,
  • color correction,
  • sharp or blur,
  • add a watermark,
  • change format and compression,
  • rename with a pattern
  • other gimp procedure

The last one is very interesting because you can use procedures as hooks its very, very powerful.

Añadir efectos o acciones con gimp de forma masiva

Here we see the menu that appears when we want to scale an image.

menú redimensionar o escalar imagen con bimg gimp

Then we add the watermark, in our case we choose an image that we already have as a fly for this.

Añadir marca de agua en lotes o batch

And finally we reduce the weight of all images before uploading them to the web.

como cambiar formato de imágenes y compirmirlas de forma masiva

With the Action Sets created we can only choose the images to edit and define an output folder. You will be surprised at the speed at which images are edited. I don’t know why I’ve been so long without using it.

How to rotate images in Gimp with BIMP

This second video show us a particular example to rotate images in gimp with bacth processing using BIMP. It’s awesome I use it to digitize books (I’m preparing this tutorial=

How to install BIMP (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin)

For Windows there are an installer in the official project page. If you use Ubuntu or Linux you will find the install instruccions here.

It has become an indispensable tool for me.

DBP (David Batch Processor) for Gimp

It’s David Batch Processor similar to BIMP but seems less powerful. I don’t see how to do sequential actions like in BIMP

You can install it in Ubuntu using

sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry

Go to Filters > Batch > Batch Processes multiple images

DBP gimp bacth precessing

And processor will open up with its options.

David's Batch Processor

An Open Source Photo Batch Processor without using gimp

Phatch is an user friendly, cross-platform Photo Batch Processor and Exif Renamer with a nice graphical user interface. Phatch handles all popular image formats and can duplicate (sub)folder hierarchies. Phatch can batch resize, rotate, apply shadows, perspective, rounded corners, … and do much more actions in minutes instead of hours or days if you do it manually

Another software I have to test is Photo Batch. Is no for GIMP but it seems more professional.

Do you know more options?

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