What is LEGO Boost

What is lego boost complete guide

LEGO Boost is a robotics starter kit for kids based on LEGO pieces.. It is compatible with traditional LEGO and Techno, so you can use all your pieces in future assemblies.

This Christmas the Three Wise Men gave my 8-year-old daughter a LEGO® Boost. The truth is that I saw him a little early. I did not want to introduce my daughter to complex issues, but she has been asking for it for a long time and the truth is that the experience has been very good.

It is recommended for children from 7 to 12 years old. If your children are used to playing with LEGO, the assembly will not pose any problem. And you will see that between the indications of the app and some explanations from you, they will immediately learn to use block programming.

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Ideas for your LEGO Boost

LEGO Boost ideas to get the most out of it

Many people only build the 5 assemblies that come in the instructions of the officer kit and that we have been seeing in the blog and it remains blocked without knowing what else to do.

But the fun is to innovate and use the pieces, especially the mobiles to create your own assemblies. So I’m going to let you how to get ideas of what you can do with your LEGO Boost at various levels, from assemblies for children, to integrations with other hardware for the more technical.

To give the LEGO Boost even more boost, I leave you a series of tips.

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LEGO Boost Bluetooth pairing

lego boost with problems connecting bluetooth with tablet

The main problem I have encountered at the moment LEGO Boost robot is that depending on the device (tablet or smartphone) it is very difficult for Bluetooth to pair. In my case it works well with a BQ Aquaris X Pro, and badly with the Huawei T5 and with a Samsung A7.

As we advance Lego assembly screens, there comes a time when we have to test the robot and to be able to program with the blocks it has to be connected via Blueetooth. At first It should be as easy as pressing the green button on the Move Hub which is the main block of the Robot.

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Lego Boost Move Hub

Lego Boost Brick Move Hub

El Lego Boost robotics kit it is based on three active parts, around which all the rest are assembled.

The most important is the Move Hub that contains a motor with 2 axes and the Bluetooth module to connect with the tablet or mobile. Since everything in Boost is done through its app.

The other two pieces are a second motor and a proximity and color sensor.

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