Build Rosetta and Philae with your children

If you want to spend a weekend teaching your child more about space, astronomy, science and aeronautics, I let you a collection of resources that ESA (European Space Agency) has hung for teachers and children.

Model Rosetta and Philae papercraft

You can take advantage of the fact that the subject is not very old to introduce to your child. That an object has been sent from the earth to a comet at 500 million km and that it travels at 60,000 km / h because it has to impress you. Well, this is what the Rosetta Mission has done with the Philae probe.

I leave several links, one from the ESA and another from the file uploaded to this blog because in the end all the files that I don’t upload to the Ikkaro server end up being lost. So we have it available forever.

Rosetta Model

Great. This is the document that inspired the article and from which I have continued to seek information. It is a cut-out to build the Rosetta and Philae model, very simple, it serves for young children.

And we take the opportunity to explain everything we can about the universe and the solar system to our children. You can combine the activity with the resources that I leave below, also from ESA

Download it from ESA and from our blog

Mockup of the solar system using Rosetta

My 5-year-old daughter was going to work on a project about astronauts at school and as always children can take toys, books, puzzles, or crafts related to the subject to class. We always like to make a model and took advantage of the content of this post along with a very cool solar system that my wife found to do this.

Solar system, astronaut and universe model project for the school

There are several elements. It is a cardboard box painted black and to which we have put glitter and stars and the image of an astronaut where we have photographed my daughter.

box for the universe and to house the home solar system

The sun and planets are polyspan balls, white painted cork. And we fasten them to the box with fishing line that we fasten at the top with black American tape. It is a very simple way to fix them and be able to modify their position if we are wrong

To finish we ride Rosetta and enjoy

The result is very beautiful and the procedure is very interesting, because while you paint the planets with the children, you place them, etc. you can explain each person’s particularities, or things about the solar system, about the universe, about NASA, satellites, astronauts etc etc

It is a great way to introduce children to science. And an amazing STEM project.

You will love this tutorial to make a 2×2 rubik’s cube for a children school project.

Explore the universe

Interactive book to learn and know the universe for children edited by ESA

With the interactive book Paxi Fun created and edited by the European Space Agency.

Paint, color, trim, make mazes, discover constellations and planets among many other things. You will definitely have a good time with the kids.

Encontrarás la versión Offline en PDF bien en la ESA o en Ikkaro

You will find the Offline PDF version either in ESA or in Ikkaro

Teach with Space: Activity book to learn about the solar system and the universe

ESA children's research project on our solar system

Oriented for children between 8 and 11 years old. Project developed to accompany the student during his discovery of the solar system, always guided by a teacher or tutor, can be the father.

Our Solar System consists of the Sun, eight planets, their moons and many smaller bodies called asteroids and comets. This fun and creative research project allows pupils to discover our closest neighbours in space and develop their communication skills by sharing their work with the class.

ESA Kids

You can download it at ESA or from Ikkaro

More ESA resources for teachers, education and children

If you liked all this and want to find more information. Head over to the Education section of ESA and its website for children. No doubt a lot of material to download and use well in technology classes, well to play and teach our children.

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