How to start a beehive into a glass jar

ho to build a beehive

We have already seen how to make a DIY beehive and now I leave a modification or extension that we can make to a hive as a curiosity. The idea is to get a honeycomb in a jar or glass bell.

It is a very interesting science activity to show children. Although I have seen this product for sale, here I present it in a didactic way as a way to teach children and adults the ins and outs of hives.

How to make

I collect this information because the original page where it was published and that it linked no longer has the article.

The technique is very simple although we need to have a hive, of course.

Place a bell, with strips of the hive so that the bees begin their work.

Notice that it is placed on the top of the hive so that the bees can leave and continue their work on the bell with the beginning of a honeycomb that we have left.

starting a hive with a glass jar

And that’s it. Now you just have to wait. They are responsible for expanding the hive and finishing the construction.

bees building a hive

The good thing is that it allows us to see how they work, and how the hive progresses.

beehive and beekiping

And the results are impressive.

bees, beehives and science experimetns for kids

All bees working together.

my homemade beehive

This experiment is very visual if we can do it with children, to bring them closer to the functioning of nature and science.

a beehive into a glass jar

More about the bees

I continue to broaden the topic of bees, beekeeping and hives. The world of bees is increasingly interesting to me and not only for honey, wax or the use of their final products. Not even because of the importance of bees in pollination and the maintenance of the environment, but because of how interesting the social structure, communication and life of these insects is.

While I think about how to incorporate the information I get about bees, I leave here some notes.

And some interesting books

Source: I saw this post in Fizzy Energy but they remove it.

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