Bedini Energy Generator

Bedini’s rally was followed by Jim Watson, a research scientist living in Colorado, Springs. Watson presented two working devices similar to that of John Bedini. Watson’s smallest device worked throughout the presentation and the audience could see that the battery was constantly recharging. The largest device, which weighed 800 pounds, was only revealed for 10 minutes due to practical reasons. During this time, a constant 12kw load was removed from the device. The device was powered by two 12v car batteries.


Imagine having a small DC electric motor sitting on your lab bench powered by a 12-volt battery. Imagine from here on a fully charged battery and connecting it to the engine with no other power source. Obviously, the motor will turn and consume the battery, until it runs out, then it will slow down.

Imagine now an artifact capable of obtaining MORE, and I mean MORE energy than it produces, a performance greater than 100%.

Impossible, you say. Not at all. That is precisely what I have done and the engine is now running in my workshop.

It is worth that it does not follow the traditional laws of physics, or of Kinematics.
Okay, it is not common at all, and I do not deny it.
But it works.

Also, it is not something excessively complex, in fact it is quite simple if the base is understood well.

One of the principles that Tesla already enunciated in his time is being verified. The fact is that the empty void – purely empty – is full of “pools of energy”.

It is being shown that the vacuum of space-time is nothing but pure massless charge, that is, the vacuum has a high scalar electrostatic potential.
To harness all that amount of energy, all one has to do is produce a resonance that is equal to that of the vacuum itself.

Well, all charged particles and ions are already particles that have their own oscillations and can be converted into normal energy of mass motion. So for our purpose, we are going to use an ion system.

First of all we are going to need a large ion accumulator.

A common battery perfectly fulfills this function. It is not very well known, but every battery has an ionic resonance range of 1-6 MHz. All we have to do is make these electrons oscillate with the necessary frequency and we will obtain their “Vacuum Energy”.

Look at it this way. Conventionally the “scalar electrostatic potential” is made up of work or energy by the column of charged particles in mass. So if we add the potential by itself, without the mass flow, to a system of oscillation of the charged particles, we add “physical energy” to the entire system of charged particles. In other words, the “potential” that is incorporated is converted directly into “ordinary energy” because of the ions embedded in the system. If we are intelligent we do not have to provide all the energy to move by pushing if we have a pure potential around.
This is collected very well in the following books:

  • Towards a New Electromagnetics; Part IV; Vectors and Mechanisms Clarified, Tesla Book Co, Bearden, 1983, Slide 19, page 43, and pages 10,11.
  • Aharonov and V. Bohm, “Significance of Electromagnetic Potentials in the Quantum Theory«,« Physical Review », Second Series, Vol. 115, No. 3, Aug 1, 1959, pages 485-491. (On page 490 you will see an explanation of all this stuff)

Now this “coupling resonance free energy” that can be done in a simple way. You don’t need big cyclotrons and big laboratories, you can do it with current motors, batteries, controllers and trigger circuits.

And that is exactly what I have done. It is real. It works. It is now working in my laboratory at the bench, in prototype form.

So here it is. I have deliberately written my paper for the experimenters, and not for the scientist. You must be careful, for the device it is a bit difficult to adjust and synchronize all the resonances. You will have to play with it, but it will work.

However, do not use this device if you do not know what you are doing. The resonance electrolyte battery produces hydrogen, and if an electrical spark occurs inside the battery it could blow up.

This doesn’t mean it’s dangerous, just that you should be careful not to experiment with dodgy things you don’t know about.

Still, it works. So all experimenters and pioneers, now is your chance. Build it. Play with it.

Of course, when we do, we will give men like me the credit and recognition they so much deserve.

This is a topic that I would like to discuss in more depth. Later I will add more pages related to the Bedini generator, his experiments and his gadgets.

This article was originally written by roobre for Ikkaro

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