Gear template generator

gear generator or sprockets

This is a collection of resources for working with gears. As I find them I am adding more.

Gears are a fundamental element in engineering and in our inventions. If we want to transmit movement, it is very easy that we have to use gears. We might buy them or we might want to make them at home.

Anyway I leave resources to be learned and tools to make our lives easier when using sprockets.

Recursos y herramientas

I start with a web application where we can generate templates for the construction of gears or sprockets.

Gear plane generator

It allows us to print the templates so that we can carve our wheels in wood or plastic.

It is a very good way to build big sprockets, so we can create the profiles so that they fit perfectly, transmitting the force correctly and according to our needs.

Theory of gears

We can find a lot of very good information about gears in Wikipedia and Mech and in (in Spanish)

Online simulator services to generate template gears

Lever and pulley simulators

If you know more simulators do not hesitate to comment and we will make a good compilation. No doubt they are very interesting resources for both teachers and students of technology.

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