Patelo engines

Lately I write little but yes Patelo pulls out a new engine, this must be reviewed. I see the news in Fogonazos 1 year of work, 2520 hours to build this wonder.

Patelo 32-cylinder compressed air engine, naval mechanic

For those who do not know him, Patelo (José Manuel Hermo Barreriro) is a 75-year-old naval mechanic, retired, which has become famous for the engines it manufactures.

Patelo W-32 Engine

The last 32 cylinders in W, an engine that would be capable of delivering a lot of power if it were not a miniature compressed air. It impresses me, that you get such perfect machines and that they do not have any vibrations. Look at the coins he puts on the motor. As Patelo says, the level of vibrations determines the life of the machinery. 

Patelo w-32 engine exploded view

The impressive thing is that it manufactures each and every one of the engine parts. Wow, this is definitely passion.

We complete with the Lainformación interview, which shows us the man behind and his true passion and dedication for what he does as a hobby

Video of the artisan manufacture of a V-12 engine

A true work of art … This video is comparable to that of

It is a V-12 engine made by hand by Patelo and as it is a pedagogical resource it works with compressed air.

Patelo makes all the pieces except the screws. It is ideal for teaching students and being able to explain the different parts of an engine and its operation 🙂 Do not miss it.

The characteristics of the motor:

  • Naval V-12 engine of compressed air injection built by hand in a traditional way.
  • It has 12 cm3 of displacement
  • cylinder diameter is 11,3mm
  • the piston stroke is 10 mm
  • it works with only 0,1 Kg / cm2.
  • constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

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