Scratch for Linux (Scratux Ubuntu)

Scratch alternatives for linux

I start to play Scratch and I see with disgust that they exist desktop applications for Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS and Android app but there is no official application for Linux.

There was an application for Linux and they discontinued it. Your message right now is

For now, the Scratch App is not compatible with Linux. We are working with contributors and the open-source community to find a way for Scratch to work on Linux in the future. Stay informed!

It is true that the online version can be used from the browser. But I like desktop applications because they have the advantage that we can continue using them even without an Internet connection and that if we want to focus on the task we can close the browser with the other thousands of tabs, which is always a source of distraction.

But as always there are alternatives. After several recommendations on Twitter I have decided to try scratux.


Scratux the scratch for Linux

This desktop application for Linux is exactly the same as the online version of Scratch. We even have the same extensions as in Scracth.

scratux and scratch options

It is true that we cannot log in and synchronize projects, something that I don’t know if it can be done with the official applications on Windows, macOS and ChromeOS, but when we save our projects they are saved in .sb3 which is the Scratch format and then we can import those projects into our Scratch online.

On the one hand, it is a hassle if we want to be part of the community. Moving projects from online to desktop and vice versa is chaos, but if you are always going to work on the application it will not be a problem for you.

more scratux options

We see that the environment and the possibilities are exactly the same.

How to install Scratux

You can do it through its github where we see screenshots working in Ubuntu, in Manjaro and in Fedora.

Or install it by Snap

other alternatives

I have not found any other viable alternatives at the moment.

It is true that there are different software to use Scratch in Linux but it is focused on programming in Arduino, but they are not Scratch clones like Scratux is.

If you know of any alternative, leave a comment and I will review it.

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