775 motor

what is 775 motor

The 775 motors are direct current motors used in many projects and which I think are very little known to people.

When we talk about this type of motor, the 775 refers to the size of the motor that is standard. Thus we can find 775 manufactured by different brands, with different operating voltages and different power, with 1 set of bearings or two. But what they all respect is the size of the motor.

My idea was to buy 2 motors with brush. One 12V, with less torque but many revolutions that I wanted to use to make a blower and the one you see in the picture that is a 288W beast and a lot of torque, to try to make a mini-kart for my daughters. But the one with the blower was out of stock and I only got this one.

The video that inspired me for the Air blower

So I talk in general about the 775 and I will talk about my personal projects.


775 dc brush motor

They are direct current motors, but with a lot of power and torque. They usually work between 6 and 36 V, depending on what you buy, the range will vary and can consume up to 12A, so be careful where you connect it.

Its dimensions are 66.7x 42 mm is the size of the outer cylinder, with a diameter of 42mm and 5 mm of shaft.

That shaft usually protrudes 17 mm although this already varies depending on the manufacturer.

As for the output shaft can buy it circular or D depending on the needs you have in your project.

Brushless motors are more efficient, but remember that you must use a controller for its operation, while a motor with brushes with applied voltage will work.

They are high speed motors, which can range from 12,000 rpm to 21,000 rpm


775 features and datasheet

Look for your manufacturer’s model datasheet, as there is no single datasheet for the 775 because they are different engines and each brand will have different characteristics and voltage, power, etc.

I leave you an example, but what you have to do is look for the datasheet of the model you have bought. There you can see not only the engine size but also its technical characteristics

My purchase is of the brand HANPOSE 775 motor DC 12V 24V 80W 150W 288W And as you see we can choose from 3 different powers. I have taken the largest of 288W

Axis diameter5mm
Mounting hole sizeM4
Mounting hole2
Motor Power (W)Nominal Voltage (V)Max current (A)Max Torque (KG)Max velocity (RPM)


  1. Double ball bearing design
  2. With cooling fan.
  3. Low noise, smooth running.

Projects we can make

hanpose 288W 775 motor

If you don’t know them, you will be surprised by the amount of projects and inventions we can do with them. They are usually things that require torque and power.

The one I have bought for example is 288W

I leave a list with ideas

  • Blower
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Water pump
  • Drill
  • Karts, electric bikes, scooters and any other type of apparatus with wheels that we want to move
  • Saws

There is a Youtube playlist dedicated to tools made with 775 engines and PVC pipes and it is amazing

Another project I want to do is a mini kart

What to look for if you are buying a 775

As you will get many models of engines look at these things

  • If you have brushes or are brushless
  • The nominal operating voltage
  • The Amperes you consume
  • The pair
  • The rpm
  • If you have one set or 2 ball steals

With this you have to play around and adapt the motor to what you want to get. Do you need a lot of torque like on an electric bike that has to move a lot of weight or a lot of revolutions like in a vacuum cleaner?

Do you have a power supply or batteries that deliver the required V and A without any problem?

Do you want a more efficient brushless motor, managed with a controller or is it worth something more coarse that you can control directly by modifying the voltage?

If you have two sets of bearings, it’s more stable
Where to buy them

Well, there are many online stores where you can buy them and the prices do not vary much. I leave you links to Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress and Bangood

The average price is between 8 and 13 dollars.

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