Jenga Rules

Jenga Rules (How to Play Jenga)

The jenga or yenka

Jenga It is played with 54 wooden blocks, the length of which is 3 times their width. The blocks are stacked forming a tower. Each floor has three blocks, and the top floor is placed perpendicular. Therefore at the end there are 18 floors. But this looks much better with an image.

jenga game by hasbro

Once the tower is built, the person who built the tower starts the game. Here the movements consist of taking a block from any floor and placing it neatly on top of the tower.

Jenga rules, how to play

Very easy

  • Blocks cannot be taken from the complete top floor, and if any, from the incomplete row.
  • Only one hand can be used to draw a block.
  • You can wait 10 seconds before starting to play to see if the tower falls.

The game is over when the tower falls and the loser is the one who causes it to fall.

From here, there are many variants of the Jenga. And each one can invent their own to make it even more fun.

  • The pieces are numbered and a die is rolled, so you are forced to remove a piece with that number.
  • Do not allow to take pieces from the last X floors, to complicate it.
  • Allow to use both hands to lengthen the games.
  • Use devices to throw the pieces.
  • etc, etc, etc. (as far as your imagination goes)

As a curiosity, a mathematical study carried out by Uri Zwick, who has analyzed the game using combinational Game Theory techniques, assuming that players play their turns without errors, and that the game only ends when a player is forced to throw the tower by remove a block that removes stability.

Under these conditions and being two players and with the number of layers n≥ 4, the player who starts the turn would always win if and only if n (number of layers or floors) is not divisible by 3

Well, it is noted, but with my pulse, I do not need to apply the results of this study.

To give a little more interest to the game we leave you how you can make one gun to play Jenga. You will reach another level

The 4 dice of Jenga

A common question is what are the 4 dice that come with the game for. Well, if your game is not numbered it is useful to see which player is the first to leave the game. If instead the numbers are marked, you have a numerical or mathematical Jenga.

How to Play Number or Math Jenga

To play this variant. You roll 2 dice and have to draw a tile that contains one of these two numbers or the sum of the two.

Example: If you roll a 2 and a 4 you can take the chips, 2, 4, 12, 14, 20, etc, or the 6 which is 2 + 4

This type of game allows us to define the rules as we want. It is fun

How to make the colored Jenga

Jenga tower modified to play in its colorful version

The colored version is one of the funniest. They sell the game already prepared but if you have the normal one you can transform it quickly.

I have used colored stickers, stickers that children use to do activities and learn at school or in kindergartens.

How to make a colored Jenga with Gomets

I have used three colors, red, green and blue and I have distributed them on both sides of each block, as you can see in the image, as there are 60 pieces, there will be 20 of each color.

We also modify a die by putting stickers on their faces, 2 of each color.

How to play colored Jenga

The rules, very simple. They are the same as in the original game, but instead of choosing the block you want, you have to roll the dice and choose a block of the color that has come out.

Other names and brands of the game

Jenga is the registered trademark of Hasbro. It is also known as the infernal tower, there is even a variant that is the miombo tower

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