LEGO Boost Bluetooth pairing

lego boost with problems connecting bluetooth with tablet

The main problem I have encountered at the moment LEGO Boost robot is that depending on the device (tablet or smartphone) it is very difficult for Bluetooth to pair. In my case it works well with a BQ Aquaris X Pro, and badly with the Huawei T5 and with a Samsung A7.

As we advance Lego assembly screens, there comes a time when we have to test the robot and to be able to program with the blocks it has to be connected via Blueetooth. At first It should be as easy as pressing the green button on the Move Hub which is the main block of the Robot.

green button on the move hub to connect bluetooth

But when push comes to shove, things often get complicated.

After much testing it seems that I have found a method that works fine and that will prevent us from spending time trying to match and end up on our nerves.

To me it works for me 100% of the time. I leave a video and then the tutorial written in steps in traditional format.

I have created a Guide to get to know Move Hub in depth

Force firmware update

One solution that many people have told me that might fix the problem for good is to force the Move Hub firmware update. For that you have to follow the following steps:

  1. We exit the application and re-enter selecting a model to assemble
  2. Press the green button without releasing it
  3. Without releasing the green button of the Move Hub we select an activity
  4. This will show us a message asking if we want to update the firmware.

After a few minutes of updating, the connectivity problem may be resolved. If it is still not resolved, follow the method that I show below.

How to connect the bluetooth of the tablet or smartphone to the LEGO Boost Move Hub

Step-by-step solution for when you don’t connect via bluetooth

  • Exit the Lego Boost application.
  • Deactivate the Bluetooth of the tablet.
  • Enter the application to the screen that you have left before.
lego boost display mount

It will tell you that you need to activate the bluetooth of the tablet to enter

enable bluetooth settings
  • Click the green button on the Move Hub
  • You select and activate that option on the tablet and accept permissions

And voila, you are instantly connected.

You will know if it is connected because the Move Hub led turns blue. In the following image it is paired. Look at the led

blue led on move hub confirming connection

PIN does not exist

Before discovering the above method, I tried to pair the Boost and the tablet directly via the tablet’s Bluetooth option. but when you try to pair them it asks for a PIN.

ask for pin that does not exist when connecting from configuration / bluetooth

Well, that PIN does not exist, I tried with the ones that are usually used 0000, 1234, etc. but nothing and then looking for information on the official LEGO website they warn that we cannot connect it in this way because that PIN does not exist.

About LEGO Boost

If you want to see What is LEGO Boost do not miss our impressions.

It is a robot designed for children. It has surprised me for the better, I thought it would be more limited, but thanks to Scratch the programming part is simplified and thanks to being assembled with LEGO we can easily make infinite variations of our Robot.

On the blog we have talked on occasion about robots made with Arduino but they are much less kid-friendly. This one has only been assembled by my 6-year-old daughter and she has started programming with a block following the instructions of the application.

I leave a full review of the Boost pending that this article is intended to solve the Bluetooth problem.


Finally, if you are a developer and / or want technical information about the Bluetooth firmware, the Lego Boost can go to its github where there is a lot of information. At the time of writing they are using LEGO Wireless Protocol 3.0.00

And this to know more about Bluetooth

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