Lego Boost Move Hub

Lego Boost Brick Move Hub

El Lego Boost robotics kit it is based on three active parts, around which all the rest are assembled.

The most important is the Move Hub that contains a motor with 2 axes and the Bluetooth module to connect with the tablet or mobile. Since everything in Boost is done through its app.

The other two pieces are a second motor and a proximity and color sensor.

LEGO Boost bricks or special pieces

As I have found little information about these bricks, I leave everything I find here and I think it is interesting to be able to use it well.

If what you want is to know the kit and see what stops me, engrave on me LEGO Boost Guide

Move Hub LED Color Code

Move hub color code

The Move Hub has a green button and an LED that indicates different states, but I have not found this information accessible in the app. So, after searching, between the official website and GitHub, I leave you a compilation of what each color code means

  • Flashing white light with short flashes. It is the pareo mode. Pressing the green button tries to connect via Bluetooth for 20 seconds
  • Flashing white light with long blinks. The device is resetting
  • Permanent blue light. Bluetooth has been connected and everything works fine
  • Orange light flashing. Low battery. In this case there are 6 AAA batteries (LR03 at 1,5V)
  • Red, green, blue flashing light. The application of the tablet or mobile has forced the firmware update of the Move Hub. The color of the blink will alternate. According the official page the firmware update should take no more than 15 minutes.

We are aware that one of the weak points of this LEGO kit is its documentation. I hope that soon the batteries will be put in place and will make it available and accessible.

How to reset the Move Hub

As discussed on the back of the poster that comes in the box, strong electromagnetic interference can disrupt the normal operation of the product. If so, reset the product and continue using it normally.

Let’s reset it. And for this in the image we are urged to press and hold the green Hub button for 10 seconds.

How to know if my device is compatible with LEGO Boost

How to change the batteries

At the bottom there is a cover with a screw. You just have to unscrew and remove the block that comes with three pairs of AAA batteries, that is, 6 batteries.

how to change the batteries to the lego boost move hub

Looks great in the picture

Batteries, move hub battery

Other themes

Remember that we have published a trick for force Bluetooth connection, when you don’t want to pair.

Programming and libraries

If you want to go deep into hacking the Move Hub and take advantage of its full potential, I leave you these libraries in Python, Javascript, Node.js that I found in Github

If you want even more ideas, do not miss the post of Ideas to get the most out of LEGO Boost.

As you can see, it gives much more of itself than it seemed at first

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