How to make homemade baby wipes

How to make homemade baby wipes

If you are a father, you will use wet baby wipes and it is one of those things that from the tests you know that you will continue to use them forever.

I bring a tutorial on how to make wet wipes, which we can use either with our baby or for domestic use. A great and really homemade DIY.

The wipes we have obtained are very cheap, although it will be difficult to replace the commercial ones with these. Yes, it is true that if you have run out and the stores are closed or you have gone on a trip or your baby has some type of intolerance to chemicals that carry the commercial wipes, then this tutorial may come in handy.

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PCL or polycaprolactone (Plastimake, InstaMorph, Friendly Plastic)

If this is the first time you hear this name, you are in luck because today you will be surprised. The PCL is a thermoplastic plastic that we can mold with our hands when heated around 60 ° C and that hardens in the cold and we can repeat the process again and again, hundreds of times.

Plastimake, instamorph and friendly plastic

When it cools it becomes hard and tough, it does not conduct electricity or heat, it is not toxic and it is biodegradable. It seems the perfect solution for our inventions does not?

It reminds me of Sugru, but being able to reuse it and it seems to be more difficult to manipulate. Although of course being able to reuse it again and again is a very important point.

Look how the magic happens …

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DIY beehive

how to make a homemade diy beehive
Danika Perkinson Photo

Oscar Perone, sent us this tutorial about how to built homemade beehives some years ago, to publish it in the spanish web. I reproduce it literally. Enjoy it!

The beehive I propose

It is possible to do beekeeping without knowing anything about it, manufacturing our own material with waste wood and populating our cheap hives with swarms that we will capture for free. The result will be an automatic beehive that will only open to harvest.

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Sea Glass: Collector’s Guide

sea glass, beach glass
Imagen de Heather (CC BY 2.0)

For those who do not know, we call Sea Glass, Seaglass, Beach glass, or mermaid tears to the pieces of glass that we find eroded and polished in the sea, rivers, lakes, etc., because of the currents, waves, rock sand, pebbles and other agents.

In addition to the abrasive agents that we have listed, the saline solution of the ocean also helps the crystal dissolve over the years and gives it that glazed, frosty or sugary hue.

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How to make sea glass

fake or man made sea glass

Well, many of you have ever found pieces of glass completely eroded by the sea on the beach. They are called Sea Glass, seaglass, beach glass or Mermaid Tears, and I left you a complete guide about Sea Glass.

In this article I am going to show you how to make a Sea Glass imitation at home. It is called Fake Sea Glass.

There are thousands of collectors of these sea glass and it is increasingly difficult to find them. People use industrial tumblers to produce and sell them.

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How to digitize books

How to digitize books with a camera at home and convert into ebooks at

We are going to see how to digitize books at home with a camera. It is faster and easy. You only need a digital camera or a smartphone.

Digitizing a book is formed by two parts. The first one consists of get images of the text book and in the second part you have to treat it with an OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Traditionally, books were scanned page by page, this is a very slow process that was complex because of the spines of the books, which curled the pages and then the OCR did not recognize the words well. So much that many people unbundled them in order to facilitate the scanning process.

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