Gear template generator

gear generator or sprockets

This is a collection of resources for working with gears. As I find them I am adding more.

Gears are a fundamental element in engineering and in our inventions. If we want to transmit movement, it is very easy that we have to use gears. We might buy them or we might want to make them at home.

Anyway I leave resources to be learned and tools to make our lives easier when using sprockets.

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Best slingshots

There are many ways to make slingshots and someday I will talk about how to make homemade slings.

When I talk about professional slingshots I mean slings for hunting and/or competition.

When I talk about professional slings I mean slings that are used in shooting competitions or for hunting because of their great precision and power. In many countries they are considered a weapon.

It has a stabilizer and an automatic ball or ammunition dispenser. Useful ideas to make a homemade one, especially the stabilizer…

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Toy catapult

catapult toy for children

Let’s see how to make this simple catapult for children made with clothespins and ice cream sticks. It is designed for children. To spend time with them building it and then playing at launching different types of projectiles.

We will take the opportunity to explain different concepts and data about catapults in history and in wars depending on the age of the child.

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Waste bin or drainer for pod coffee maker capsules

homemade drainer for single-dose coffee capsules

I am going to teach you how to make a pod coffee maker waste bin that is extremely simple but very effective. It is so simple that I doubted whether to do a tutorial or not, because it is not a step by step, it is a single step. But I love these day-to-day solutions that anyone can do with everyday objects

But what is clear is that everyone who has a capsule coffee machine, in my case the Dolce Gusto, cannot throw the capsule in the trash for various reasons. Because we pollute and because it is emptying little by little and the garbage is dripping.

You will love our DIY dehumidifier

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Home DIY dehumidifier

Simple and homemade, without any electronics or mechanisms. We are going to make a dehumidifier so that it captures the humidity of our closets, rooms or wherever we want.

How to make a home DIY dehumidifier

We can talk about 2 types of dehumidifiers:

  • Desiccants using calcium chloride or Silica Gel
  • With compressor and condensers

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SIM card sizes. How to cut a SIM card

SIM card Sizes. SIM, mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM

This is a modification I made a long time ago, when I bought my old Nexus 4 and I needed to cut the SIM card. It may seem outdated because most new cards come precut but the truth is that many of us still have old cards and we can save a few dollars and with this hack.

And we will also use the article to talk and explain the sizes of the SIM cards.

I receive my Nexus 4 from Google. I’m going to try it and I realize that it uses micro SIM 🙁

The logical solution is to go for a duplicate SIM card, but they charge $5 (yes, it was free before) So you have to find a homemade solution and this happens to cut the card at home to convert the mini SIM into Micro SIM.

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